Making Homemade Butter—the Easy Way

Making homemade butter is a rewarding experience for your tastebuds and it’s super easy!

Literally, all you need is heavy cream that is not ultra-pasteurized and some sort of agitation device (and I’m not talking about a fight with your spouse or best friend). You can add in anything you want for flavoring making your butter unique.

Here are the steps:

1) Find non-ultra-pasteurized cream. I prefer raw cream but there are certain risks associated with consuming raw dairy products. If you can’t find cream that hasn’t been ultra-pasteurized at your grocery store check your local health food stores–they usually carry it. Let it rest at room temperature for about 15 minutes before you plan to make it.

2) Place your cream in an agitation device. My weapon of choice is a food processor. You can also use a blender, hand or stand mixer (with a towel to prevent splashing), a mason jar with a lid, a plastic food storage container, or anything else you can shake, rattle and roll.

3) Turn it on either with electricity or your good ol’ fashioned hands and arms. Agitate it for about 5-7 minutes if using an appliance or about 8-10 minutes if using your own endurance. You’ll see the cream go through a couple stages. The first will be pure cream, the second will be a sort of mushy looking substance, the third will be clear separation between the butter and the buttermilk.

4) When you can see the buttermilk separate from the clumps, stop. Drain the buttermilk and reserve it for pancakes or something else you’d like to add a little tang to.

5) Wash it under cold water a few times by filling up your container (or bowl if you’ve transferred it from your appliance) with cold water, squish it with a spoon a bit, drain, repeat until water is clear. Usually 3-4 times.

6) Gather the butter chunks with a spoon and squish it into itself a few times. You’ll probably see more buttermilk come off of it. Just drain it and keep going. While you do this you can add salt if you want regular salted butter, spices, fresh herbs, honey, agave, maple syrup, or whatever combination your heart desires to flavor it and claim it as your own.

7) Transfer your butter to a baking pan lined with parchment paper if you plan to cut it into chunks or pats, or directly into the container/individual serving dishes you wish to serve it out of. You can even roll it up in wax paper in logs or press it into silicon baking molds. The options are endless. Place in fridge for a little while to harden it up.

NOTE: If you want to cut it up into shapes, chunks or pats, do so after it’s slightly harden in the fridge. If you chill it for too long, it will just crumble. Make sure to add parchment paper in between layers of chunks or pats for storage or they’ll stick together (see photo below).

8) Serve it within a few days, as it will not save well (especially if you’ve made it with raw cream). If it starts to smell like stinky cheese–you’ve kept it too long. It’s best made fresh and served fresh the same day. However, if you want to save it, simply wrap it tightly and freeze it for a later date.

That’s it! Easy peasy!

This is perfect for a special occasion dinner, holiday, or as a simple gift along with some fresh baked bread.

I really like how imperfect and rustic homemade butter looks when it’s cut into chunks. It just feels like it came from someone’s heart. 💕


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