Grow Garlic Sprouts on Your Window Sill

When you cut into a garlic clove and see it’s starting to sprout, don’t throw it away! You can grow tasty sprouts instead!

Though cooking with garlic that has sprouted can produce a bitter taste (it won’t hurt you), you can peel it out of its husk and nestle multiple cloves together so they’re “stuck” in a container together and add a little water to it just so the root end is covered and grow garlic sprouts on your window sill!

Cut and come again when they’re at least 3” tall. Use the sprouts to top baked potatoes, in salads, sandwiches, dips, spreads, and other dishes. They’re best used fresh and not cooked (they loose their flavor when cooked). They’ll continue to grow as long as you change the water regularly and don’t cover the cloves up all the way (they’ll rot). You can transfer them to a pot with soil or in your garden if you want to but they grow just fine on your window sill in water.

This photo is only three days of growing.

Have fun with it and when it seems like it’s getting tired, toss it or chop it up and compost it and start again!

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