Join the #BoxClubCrew!

Every hunter NEEDS the Outdoor Box Club in their life… I mean seriously, who doesn’t want a box full of outdoor supplies that arrive in their mailbox every month? It’s an awesome surprise tailored for hunters. I don’t know about you but I get super stoked every time I see this orange box in my mailbox (you may have seen my giddy social media posts about said excitement). I love getting geared up with products that I may not have known about or have always wanted to try! Plus, subscription boxes are like giving yourself a gift once a month without knowing what the gift is. It’s almost like getting a gift from someone else–only you’re paying for it, haha… while that sounds like a pitch for a “celebrating singles” or “I hate Valentines Day” Facebook group, I am a firm believer in treating yourself to a little something once in a while. It’s good for the soul, single or not. The small $30-$35/month subscription fee is a small price to pay for monthly delivered happiness at the mailbox!

We actually get a few subscription boxes at our home. Vince gets one for candles called the Vellabox (Haha! Go ahead and laugh, I think it’s awesome!) and I get one for hunting gear (just thought I’d point out the gender stereotype flip there, just in case anyone missed how obvious it was…). The truth of the matter is that we really share both. I enjoy the candles he burns just as much as he enjoys the hunting gear that we no doubt share in the field, even if I do tease him about the candles. And, Luka gets the Kiwi Crate, a kids-only subscription box that focuses on science and hands-on learning activities. This box makes for great family time together and provides enough supplies to be able to use them for other projects. These three boxes have been our staples, though we’ve tried a few others too.

These are my most favorite products that have come in the Orange Box of Awesomeness over the last year! Links to each product are provided in case you want to know more.

1. Raptor Razor products: The hook design on their Big Game Skinner makes skinning out game smooth like butter…though it takes some practice at first. Once you nail it, it’s quick and easy! We also have their MAKO knife and saw and love them too!


2. OnXmapsHUNT Membership: I love to use the handi-dandi little OnXmaps app while hunting unknown areas. It tracks your route, distance, time, let’s you know land boundaries/ownership, and allows you to toggle various features for weather, fires, water, and different map views.

3. South Bend Bait Knife: The double-sided knife is great for abalone! Vince uses it to clean his abalone after each dive. It features a scaler edge too!


4. Dead Down Wind Wind Detector: Alright, so I know that many hunters use wind detectors but I have always just used dirt… I know, I know, it’s so…. archaic. Well, let me tell you, sometimes fine dry dirt isn’t always at your feet. I really noticed the difference between this wind detector and my usual “pick up dirt dust” method and I’m a believer. I now use this product while hunting and keep a bottle in my hip pocket.

5. Hero T-Post Stepper: It’s no secret that I’m pint-sized at only 5 feet 1/2 an inch tall. Sometimes it’s hard for my short little legs to get up and over fencing. I usually opt for the “lay down and roll under dodging the cow paddy” option. In this month’s OBC box came the BEST news ever: a way to go up and over fences with the rest of them! I never even knew something like this existed. The packaging boasts that the stepper is “cheaper than a new pair of pants” but I have to be honest here, it’s not so much my pants I’m worried about…it’s the lady bits meeting barbed wire. TMI? Well, the struggle is real.

So there you have it, my 5 favorite products from the past year that have come in Outdoor Box Club boxes. Though there have been many, many other awesome products that range from gun mats, turkey calls, face masks, and even pocket-sized weapons worthy of a shout out. To find out what your favorites are, join the #BoxClubCrew by visiting the Outdoor Box Club website, Facebook, or IG.


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