The Hunting Homestead: Arrows, Bullets, Hooks and Soil for Food and Family

Welcome to The Hunting Homestead! We are a millennial couple who has moved into the countryside of rural Northern California to follow our passion for hunting and fishing and to feed our curiosity for learning to live off-grid while nurturing our land and family! Phew! That was a mouthful!

We started this blog to document our journey to becoming self-sustainable and self-reliant in hopes that it would inspire others. This blog will serve as a reminder, a written history of sorts, of our mistakes, successes, and processes. At this point, we’re not sure exactly what we’re doing but together we are determined to figure it out! As proud new owners of 21 previously unkept acres with an eccentric home that looks like a cabin and a farmhouse had a baby, tons of energy, and a full dose of determination, we have plenty of projects and oomph to keep us busy. We hope that you find a place here to laugh with us, cry with us, celebrate with us, and enjoy meals for the belly and the soul! Please join us on our adventure as we use arrows, bullets, hooks and soil to acquire our food sources and build a strong family while reconnecting and disconnecting all at the same time.

Welcome to our Hunting Homestead!

~ Jen, Vince, Luka, & Duke.

The Hunting Homestead tagline:

“Arrows, bullets, hooks, and soil for food and family.”

We chose this tagline because we feel that the same activities that provide us with our food also provide us with a strong foundation to work and learn together, build trust, respect, communication, and the canvass to create memories of a lifetime. Being in the outdoors fosters connections to nature and to each other like nothing else.


Meet the family and the skills we bring to the table:

img_7349 Vince grew up in Northern California and is a former Union Carpenter who has worked both in residential and commercial construction, an avid hunter and freshwater angler, and a pretty epic hobby lumberjack who can grow a mean beard and enjoys wood working with antique hand tools, reclaimed materials, and well truthfully…highly dislikes chopping wood with an axe. He’s a skilled meat and wild game processor, archer, licensed hunting guide, abalone/free-diver, and can pretty much fix anything. He enjoys taking the road less-traveled and knows the Northern California backwoods well.


Jen grew up as a city kid in San Diego, California and has traveled to more than 25 img_6762countries working with refugee and rural communities across the global south. These experiences have taught her about sustenance living, the importance of community knowledge, and resourcefulness. She has skills in gardening, canning and food preservation, hunting and saltwater fishing, up-cycling, wine and beer making, hobby-farming/livestock care thanks to Future Farmers of America, and utilitarian processes of wild-game byproducts. She is a skilled bowfisher, lobster hooper, certified archery and hunter education instructor, and enjoys learning waaaay to much! Her day job is in the pro-hunting politics arena in California.


unnamedLuka is 6 but will quickly remind you that he’ll be 7 in August. He spends his weekday mornings in Kindergarten but his afternoons and weekends “working” on his highly imaginative and complex “job sites”. His job sites include rice farming with his bank out and construction sites where he drives heavy machinery like excavators, backhoes, and dump trucks…of the Tonka variety. He is a skilled mini-archer who shoots both a compound and long bow often winning his division at archery tournaments, mutton-busts at the rodeo, plays T-ball, rides dirt bikes and ATV’s, and is quickly becoming proficient in using a blow dart gun (uh-oh!). Luka loves to work in the garden, monitor our burn piles, cook, process game meat, go fishing and camping, and can’t wait to be old enough to hunt. He also has an affinity for waterparks and legos.


Duke is the dog. He is a German-Shorthair Pointer and is 13 years old with a 2 year-old disposition. He loves to hunt and looks beautiful on point though in his older age he’s become a bit lazy in retrieving birds. He looks at us like, “well, are you gonna come get it or what?!?” A big whiner when “his” people aren’t all at home together, but mostly content by the pot belly stove as long as there is a soft bed for him in front of it.



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